Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.50: Forbidden Number

In the First Place, I have never Swam

“……did your atmosphere change?”

im back

Like that.

ok, back to daily life

“Somehow you changed a little.”

nanaki not wearing maid uniform

and that.


The master I serve and his little sister pointed that out multiple times. On those occasions, Nanaki replied thus.


“There is no such thing, I am the usual me.”

nope, same oldd nanaki

Respond with an extraordinary smile, nanakismile of ultimate happiness. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki. Summer has peaked, the hot days continue. How is everyone around the world spending their time? Nanaki saw a dream of ultimate happiness on the other side of this blue sky. That was a very nice dream. That is why I think today will surely be a good day.

a good omen~

In the early afternoon of summer, I offered my thanks to the vanished god. Thank you, god.


The refreshing sound of a bell rang. This is master’s bell, meaning a summons. A first-rate maid doesn’t make the master wait. Nanakisonar, no reactions on course. Exploring for route, route determined. Then Nanaki is goin-ne. Yep, I have become even faster again after the battle with the legend. It’s a good thing.

….nanaki still upgrading~

Arrive before master’s room. After a final brief adjustment of my appearance, knockingnanaki on the door. Manners. How is it Friend, hasn’t Nanaki adapted to civilised life so much that it’s unthinkable that I grew up in the wild? Hm? No, I can still eat rats. They are tasty.



“Excuse me. Did you call? My master.”


Enter the room after receiving permission, do not forget to bow properly. Quite a while has passed since Nanaki became master’s maid, but that doesn’t mean that the bowing of this head everyday can become just a daily routine. I must do it properly with respect. Because this is also Nanaki’s pride.

pride is in everything you do~

My master is dignified today as well.

a great master~

“Save me, Nanaki.”

…or not

Correction, actually not dignified.

scrub master

“Why would you greet with ‘save me’ Onii-sama? Doesn’t that sound like I’m troubling onii-sama by saying something unreasonable?”

“And so you have it, save me.”

ah, imouto attack

Nanaki wants to save you.

what’s going on?

I am extremely apologetic for intruding when the two close siblings are getting along, but do the two of them not have the responsibility to explain the situation?

explain thyself!

For now, I understood that Meia-sama requested something causing this predicament. Then unless the specific contents are disclosed, Nanaki cannot do anything. No, my master is a wise person. Meaning the possibility it is a hard topic to touch upon. Then Nanaki shall take the initiative.

err…wouldnt it be better to leave it be?

As expected of Nanaki, the model of a maid that is considerate of the master.


“What exactly did you request, Meia-sama?”

“I just invited onii-sama to go buy swimsuits.”

oh, classics



“Is there anything inconvenient, master?”

yes, gender

There is nothing particularly unnatural about Meia-sama’s words. Three days from now is master’s really long-awaited rest day. Then isn’t the onii-sama loving Meia-sama’s request to go shopping as two siblings something cute? Nanaki also strongly recommends it. Family is the supreme existence.

yes it is

“She wants to bring me to a shop that sells female swimsuits, this sister.”

“I want a male opinion. Am I saying something strange?”

“The stares are painful.”

“Let’s appeal as siblings. I don’t mind appealing as lovers either.”

“Mind it.”

same thing~

Nanaki minds too. Ah, no, that’s a joke.


Hmhm, got it. Since I can understand each of their points, judgement is difficult. But here, considering how master has been worked to death, I should prioritise master. More importantly, Nanaki is master’s maid, yes, from the start the conclusion has been made.


I must somehow convince Meia-sama. As long as she has the position of master’s younger sister, unless it is not an emergency, I cannot touch that body without permission and also cannot forcibly chase her out. Negotiations is necessary. Request for master’s release without provoking Meia-sama. Negotiator Nanaki.

negotiations begin!

“Let’s negotiate, Meia-sama.”

“I refuse, rabbit-san.”


Completely ignanakied. Resign.



The Royal Street under the blazing sun, summer is hot.

that’s hhy it’s summer

In the end Nanaki’s strength was insufficient and master’s salvation was not to be achieved. Unworthy maid Nanaki.

Meia is just too strong

“Zean-samaa! Meia-san, Nana-san! Fio-san! Over heree!”

master is on harem outing~

 Shiel-sama waved, shaking her large body. Shaking meat and flying beads of sweat. Even if it is under the blazing sun, magic is being used to luxuriously air-condition this Royal Street. Normally it is a temperature that can be said to be sufficiently cool, but it seems it is a little insufficient for Shiel-sama.

 she has too much insulation

According to what I heard, when Shiel-sama was invited to the estate during the battle with Aina Aina, the current topic came up. Basically, tomorrow it seems we are going to a lake to swim. It seems like a perfect event for this hot season

yesyes, and swimsuits

“Hi, Shiel, thanks for inviting us this time.”

“Please do not mind, Zean-sama. I simply wanted to swim with everyone.”

so humble~

By the way, is there a swimsuit that fits Shiel-sama? It is extremely hard to say it, but Shiel-sama’s figure is the natural enemy of clothes. The significant height and excessive fat. This time the focus is swimsuits, speaking of swimsuits, the surface area of cloth would become smaller than usual.

for reduced water resistance/sowing off~

Meaning——-N, no, this is not something for Nanaki, an amateur to have an opinion on. I will leave it to the store’s onee-sama. I’m definitely not escaping. This is to not steal the job of the store’s onee-sama, this is the result of consideration.


“Then let’s go at once.”

“Am, am I really going too?”

“Of course.”

“Come, Zean-sama. Let’s go.”

ryote ni hana

On one side, a beautiful girl with the same hair and eyes as master. On one side, a large, fat woman with a beautiful heart. Certainly flowers in both hands, passers-by keep turning around. As fellow servants of such people, I smiled wryly with Fio-san. Although Nanaki is a maid and she is a knight, our hearts that cares for our masters is the same.

why dont nanaki just be a knight

We can’t stand here smiling forever, we must head to the store too.

times a wasting~

“Shall we go too, Fio-san?”

“Yes, Nanaki-sama.”

“I don’t mind if you call me Nanaki-chan.”

“Ple, please have mercy.”

dont bully fio!

It seems we are still not at a level to call each other intimately. Nanaki-chan will try hard without being discouraged.

gogo, nanaki-chan!



A neat bow, I shall offer you a perfect score. In return, Nanaki will also bow. For some reason she was surprised. Nice to meet you, I’m Nanaki. Could it be that maid uniforms are unusual or something? No, it’s a store that sells clothes, so I guess not.

must be Nanaki’s beauty~

“Has Nanaki-sama decided what kind of swimsuit to buy?”



When I was thinking of those things, Fio-san talked to me. This is great progress. But she said something odd, so I accidentally let out a strange voice.


“……why is there a need for me to buy a swimsuit?”

“Eh? Errr……It is a vacation so I thought Nanaki-sama would swim too……”

after all why not

No, Nanaki cannot swim.


In my life in mother nature, except for washing my body, I didn’t approach the lake. Because Mother strictly told me not to go deeper than where my legs can reach. Water is extremely important for humans to live, but at the same time it is a very dangerous thing. Mother warned Nanaki about that.

hmm…i think that was for when Nanaki was young?

Humans are terrestrial creatures, accordingly there is no need to swim.


“Welcome, what are you be looking for?”


While we stood still, the store’s onee-sama flew over. I feel that that attitude that works hard to promote sales is wonderful. But what should I do, does Nanaki really have to buy a swimsuit? Even if I bought one, Nanaki can’t swim though.

just learn

“If you do not know your size, shall I measure it?”


err….onee-sama so enthusiastic~

When I was wondering what to do, the store’s onee-sama kept up the attack. I’m stumped, if things are like this I should have gotten more used to buying my own clothes. When I lived in the capital, Envy bought all my clothes so I don’t know my size.

leave it all to envy~

This might be a good chance, I think I will try to experience various things.

….this counts as an experience?

“Then I will leave it to you.”

“This way please.”

forbidden knowledge this way~

In the end, I burned only the number of a certain part into my mind.




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  1. beginning of chapter: Usa-Nanaki, KATSU

    middle of chapter: Usa-Nanaki, retreat!!!

    end of the chapter: Usa-Nanaki, swim?!?!
     ̄(=✪ x ✪=) ̄

    Thanks so much for all you hard work and have a very Nanaki day!!!!

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    1. Naively, is there any need for sizes? If you have strings, you can always tie them. With sufficiently long strings, Shiel-sama and Namaki-chan could use identical swimsuits. Perhaps even same top parts?


      1. Well, generally swimsuits and bras aren’t just triangles, you know. There’s some shaped cushions (cups) inside the cloth, so if the cup doesn’t fit the shape, it gets pretty uncomfortable if it’s a big difference.


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