Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.51: Fio, you traitor

‘Want to see it Today’ Group

I thought of creating the word ‘forbidden number’

whoops, i spoiled it

It means the number that Nanaki has forbidden. Nanaki shall punish those who violates this taboo. Do not expect any mercy

divine judgement

The kind store’s onee-sama taught me various things. In the end I received some emotional wounds, but at least I am slightly less ignorant now. Sister of my heart, Envy, when I meet you again one day, I will show you Nanaki’s growth.

in che-?

Now then, having grown again, I will return to the main problem of choosing a swimsuit.

back on track~

I don’t feel like swimming at all, but if only Nanaki is at the beach by the lake in work clothes, there is the fear that I might disrupt the scenery. In that case, although I’m reluctant, I cannot avoid wearing a swimsuit. Then, what kind of swimsuit should I choose? It’s simple, it’s fine if it’s not strange.

no ecchi

“Excuse me, do you have any recommended swimsuit?”

school mizugi!

I can just ask a professional. She is a professional, even if it is this kind of vague question, she would consider it seriously for me. In fact, if she is troubled by this kind of thing that what is she doing in a swimsuit store? There will probably be no mistake in  a professional’s recommendation. It can be said that complete victory is right before my eyes.

vicotry is always with Nanaki~

“For customer……let’s see, how is this one?

professional recommendation is?

Fluttery Frills. Especially around the chest area.


“And…….we also have these types.”


Colorful. But the area around the chest is also fluttery.


Nanakismile for the store’s onee-sama who was answering with a smile. Do you have something you want to say about Nanaki’s chest? I want to ask, but according to the response I’m not sure if I can restrain myself so I will let the matter drop.

hw mature~

“Is there something with less exposure?”

how modest~

As long as it is a swimsuit, exposure can’t be helped. But if possible I want to choose a swimsuit with less exposure. I’m not picky, but I really am not used to baring my skin before others. I should have said that earlier, please forgive me, the store’s onee-sama. Nanaki does not have much experience with these things.


“Then how about this two-piece, it is unsuitable for swimming though.”

(T/N: セパレート型 水着 I don’t think ‘separate-type swimsuit’ works in eng)

Without showing any reluctance, the store’s onee-sama quickly responded. As expected of someone who deals with arrogant aristocrats everyday. Ah no, this is only Nanaki’s prejudice. Among the aristocrats that Nanaki knows, there are many unsightly ones so I have a weird prejudice.

its quite justified

Each and everyone of them, it would be nice if they would just be dignified like my master.

okay this one is pbias

“Yo, you were here Nanaki! Savguo!?”

“That’s not good Onii-sama. People will mistake you for a pervert if you wonder around alone.”


Even though Nanaki just praised this master. I would like him to reflect a little so I saw him off with a smile. A salute within my hear to master who is being dragged away. Ganbatte. (Good Luck)


“Then I will have this swimsuit.”

“Thank you very much.”

no try-on?

The swimsuit that the store’s onee-sama recommended is almost like normal clothes. Indeed, with this there would be low exposure. It doesn’t really feel like a swimsuit, but I judge that it is at least better than work clothes. With that decided, Nanaki is fast. I have no interest in fashion or the like.


With this it is perfect victory. As expected of Nanaki, the daughter of beloved Mother.

there is no perfect anything

“Then about the size”

store’s onee-sama too strong

You dare touch the forbidden number?



I bought it

it’s too late now

I quickly left that place after bowing to the onee-sama that took care of me, hurry to meet up with master. Since I wasn’t used to it, I took quite a bit of time. It’s about time master has reflected, I must offer him a helping hand.

 is it not too late?

I have already memorised each of their presences. When I searched for their presences, Shiel and Meia-sama’s presence was right nearby. Master’s presence being absent means he seems to have somehow escaped on his own.

he lived!

“I have returned, Shiel-sama, Meia-sama.”

“Oh Nana-san! Have you decided on your swimsuit?”

“Yes. I chose one that a store employee recommended. Has Shiel-sama made a decision?”

“Mine is order-made, so I am not buying it here.”

makes sense

It seems even in the clothing stores that serves aristocrats in the Royal Street, a size that fits Shiel-sama does not exist. It seems she has already prepared an order-made swimsuit. It made me think again what a beautiful heart she has.

…how is that related?

If her swimsuit was already prepared then there should have been no need to accompany us. Considering her figure and this blazing sky, didn’t she think of wanting to stay in her cool mansion? Additionally, she should have known that Meia-sama whom she had lost an argument with would be coming along too. Despite that she came to this place.

a great person

Whether that is just socialising or possibly she really wanted to spend the time with everyone from the bottom of her heart, Nanaki doesn’t know. But I feel like it is surely the latter. This woman has a beautiful heart, I have thought that multiple times. A person with such a pure heart, is master’s fiancee.

tough rival~

“Is something the matter? Nana-san.”

“——No, nothing is the matter.”

just spacing out~

I’m troubled. With each day that passes, the more time I spend with master, I feel like I cannot be friends with her. Is this a betrayal, Friend? I refused on that day by instinct. But if I was asked again, Nanaki would surely refuse by my own will.


The day I have to fight her as a woman might come eventually.

nanaki more honest now~

“By the way, rabbit-san, did you see onii-sama?”

“No. To be able to escape from Meia-sama, master has grown stronger too.”

“I was just betrayed by Fio. I’m a magician so exercise is not really my specialty. I can’t recklessly use magic either.”

gj fio

Something cracked.


“Master relied on Fio-san.”

“Ye,yeah. What’s wrong, letting out such a dangerous atmosphere.”

“No, it’s nothing.”


Certainly Nanaki dared to ignore master’s voice that called for help. But even so to request aid from the servant of Meia-sama, Fio-san. Even though your servant is this Nanaki. This will incite even Nanaki’s indignation. I’m in a banaki mood.

…..master messed up~

Yep, certainly Nanaki is saying selfish things, Friend. The one that abandoned master that time was Nanaki. Despite that, if the position of master’s servant is to be stolen, then that concerns Nanaki’s pride. I had thought it was a development that would pass as a joke, but to think that my position of servant would be stolen even if only for an instant.

R.I.P. Fio

To touch Nanaki’s pride, what amazing bravery.

ot intentional!

“Then I shall serve as Meia-sama’s servant. Now then, permission to annihilate.”

“No way I would give that.”


I couldn’t get permission. Unfortunate.

thankfully meia has authority

“I’m about to buy a swimsuit too, so until then find onii-sama.”


hunt him down!

In truth I’ve already found him. Don’t think you can escape from this Nanaki that has also perfectly memorised master’s presence. After bowing to Shiel-sama and Meia-sama, depart immediately. I shall go meet you, now.

the reaper arrivs

“I have returned, my master.”


pay for your sins

Master’s body shook in surprise before he looked at Nanaki. Nanakismile for the frightened master. Are you prepared?

assult begin

“I see Fio-san is not together with you.”

“Ah, I only had her help me escape.”

“Why did you not rely on Nanaki?”


It’s an unfair question, but I have interest in how master will answer. The most effective one would of course be the pattern of blaming Nanaki for abandoning master though. Now then, how will master go about it.

and somehow survive?

“Because it looked like you were choosing a swimsuit.”

“…….? What do you mean?”


….lamer excuse than xpected

This, could it be I’m being deceived?

trickery by lame response?

Although my association with master cannot be said to be long, it can be said to be close. This response is probably his true thoughts. Which means that the possibility that Nanaki is just not able to pick up on master’s intention is high. Excuse me Friend, if you know could you give me a hint? Today? What about it?

want to see it today?

I mulled over it for a few minutes, but I don’t get it. Time’s up. So I just said what I wanted to say.

direct is best

“I have no intention of yielding my position of servant to someone, master.”

“……Haha, that’s it, it was jealousy?”

then again maybe not

Kuso! (Shit!)

the end

Hecate has been randomly singing songs, replacing all the lyrics with ‘nanaki~♪nanananaki~♪’ and similar variations~

Sadly haven’t been able to make it work well with slow songs.



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  1. Jealonaki is so cute
    Awawawa i can’t wait to see her master’s comment about the bikini, and nanaki’s reaction ofc

    And based on the trend … i hope we got a nip slip scene \ :v /

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