Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.132: Does it matter?

Someone like you

“……this is a little troublesome.”

Envy muttered that about five hours after we left Freyline. After advancing down a path that is a little too rough to call a road for a while, we came across groups of ruffians that attacked what they thought was just a pair of women travelling.

Seven groups. Even considering the fact that this beautiful Nanaki and sister are travelling together, Nanaki had not thought that we would be attacked seven times in this short span of time. Even Nanaki has to reconsider Nanaki’s own beauty because of this. Sorry for being beautiful.

“Since our objective is infiltration we can’t wear anything that indicates us as citizens of the Empire, but just two women travelling will get attacked like this……we might have made a mistake in personnel.”

With the frequent attacks by those trash, it seems even Envy is getting tired of it, she let out a large sigh.

“That might be the case with gender, but if I headed to Freegrant with Silver or Raicou, I think I will be alone on the way back.”

After all, Nanaki’s relationship with the male Five Emperors is not good.
Silver is out of the question. Even Raicou, although not as much as Silver, hates Nanaki and Nanaki would not like to go on a relatively long trip with that brick head. Then that would leave Salia, but of course she is also a woman. If it is to be a woman then Envy would be best. Even Nanaki prefers it that way.

In the end, there should not have been a mistake in personnel.

“Well, that’s probably why it’s me. But still, it does get depressing to be attacked this much. Anybody would want to grumble that we might have made a mistake.”
“If there is a mistake, it is these men that made a mistake in their path in life.”
“I see, not wrong.”

Looking down at the burnt things that were humans, the smell of burnt living things stabbed Nanaki’s nose. Even if Nanaki has eaten various things to live, Nanaki has never felt an appetite for humans. Even if they are trash that targets a pair of women, does Nanaki subconsciously recognise them as the same race?

“Looks super disgusting.”
“Even if it looks delicious no eating. Or rather, please don’t have those kind of impressions of humans. Even if it’s a joke it makes me worried.”
“No no, of course I would not eat humans. Could it be Envy thinks I eat humans? That would be very regrettable.”
“I’m worried because it’s Nanaki……”

What is this sister saying.
Certainly Nanaki has ate everything to survive in that forest, but Nanaki has never thought to eat other humans.

Hm? No, well, it is the truth that there weren’t other humans in that forest. But still, Nanaki didn’t eat the occasional humans Nanaki met. So your opinion is a false accusation, Friend.

Well, if there weren’t any other food at all, Nanaki will probably eat humans though.

Just joking, if Nanaki said that, how much would this sister lecture Nanaki? In the first place, in a situation where this Nanaki’s potential cannot secure food, humanity would have long since gone extinct.

Which means Envy’s worry is completely useless. Seriously, it can be troublesome to have an overprotective sister that worries a lot.

“Well, it will definitely be fine as long as there is food.”
“…………if there isn’t?”
“I won’t eat humans~”
“I won’t eat.”
“Where did the definitely go?”

…………I hate this sister’s sharp instincts.

no eat pls

no need that image

Lying on the desolate wastelands, Nanaki could see stars filling up the whole sky.

“It has been a while since I slept outside.”
“Seriously, even if it is for infiltration, not being able to use magic is inconvenient. To have to sleep in this kind of place……”

Envy said that while throwing kindling on the campfire, looking around, there is only a desolate wasteland as far as the eye could see. Not presence of any living thing at all. We went off the road and came all the way here because it is peaceful here. We will notice immediately if anything comes and there are no fools trying to be bandits around.

The lonely scenery is perfect for some shut-eye.

“We’ve come quite far, but it’ll still take a while before we reach Freegrant.”
“How much longer exactly?”
“Probably about a week. We’ll be stopping by a town on the way so a week should be a good estimate.”
“I see.”

A week.
A span of time that would pass quickly if you don’t pay attention, but it feels quite long in the current situation where Nanaki cannot help but feel uneasy. We could deal with this much more quickly if we just erased the whole of Freegrant.

“Want to eat some more?”

Nanaki hesitated a little at the rations that were offered.
That’s because these rations with the Empire’s symbol are unbelievably bad. It fills the stomach and apparently has the required nutrients, but somehow, it doesn’t taste of anything. Back when Nanaki lived in the forest, being particular about food was preposterous. But now that Nanaki knows about civilised food culture, this is a tough question.

“No need.”

In the end, Nanaki refused.
It really is better for food to be delicious. In which case, Nanaki will catch and cook something tomorrow. Fortunately, Nanaki has seen some edible creatures along the path, so there should be enough ingredients.


Leave tomorrow’s dinner to Nanaki.

“What are you planning?”
“No, nothing.”
“Fufufu. The talented Nanaki hides her hawk.”
“No, it should be hidden claws. Where will you hide a hawk.”
“And it was eaten.”

Under the very beautiful sky of stars, we laid together and exchanged casual banter.
The wind blowing through the wasteland was cold, a premonition that it will be the start of winter soon. Thus Envy really was the correct choice in personnel. Different from the unreliable warmth of the camp fire, this sister’s warmth is very reassuring for Nanaki.

It is so comfortable that Nanaki’s eyelids are growing heavy.

“How are Harmy and Aiysha? Are they doing well?”
“Yes, Harmy handles everything flawlessly, she is always calm and reliable. Aiysha’s tone still needs work, she will eventually exceed Silver. Her talent is the real thing.”

But still, it is precious time with Nanaki’s sister. Sleeping immediately would be a waste. Nanaki shall prioritise conversation with Nanaki’s sister until these lids become a little heavier.

“Real, huh. I think Nanaki is the only real one though.”
“Of course I think so too, and I think that is how it must be.”

I have never once doubted my own talent.
That is because I am Nanaki.
But exactly because of that, I think like this.

“But, it is surely the reverse.”
“Yes, reverse. Even if to me I am the real thing, to the world, I……we are fakes right?”
“…………what do you want to say?”

It’s not like Nanaki had been bothered by that before.
Just that, seeing the sudden serious expression on Nanaki’s sister’s face, Nanaki was certain. Nanaki had vaguely thought it was such, but to think the Empire was only of that level.

“Like I said, Aiysha is the real thing. We are all fakes. Right?”
“Why would you think that.”
“Because we are lacking names, right?”

For Aiysha, Knightleigh. For master and Meia-sama, Alfred. For Akiha, Shinohara. The other name that people living in this world normally have.
We fakes, do not have it.
Which means, we are not the real thing.

Sword Emperor Silver.
Martial Emperor Raicou.
Sky Empress Salia.
Flame Empress Envy.
Ice Emperor Ivaal.
And Mother, Mutsuhime.

All those who bear overwhelming strength in the empire have lost their other name.

“…………well, it’s not something to hide by this point.”

After a brief silence, Envy gave up and muttered that.

“That’s right. We were modified and born to turn out like that. Similarly for most of the current Five Emperor candidates. We would be what Nanaki calls fakes.”
“Hmmm, I don’t care either way.”
“Don’t care……don’t you want to know? Nanaki’s mother, is also probably……”

As expected Nanaki has noticed that.
Like Envy says, Mother was surely born that way. It is definitely not that Nanaki is not curious about how the strong, beautiful person lived in this world, but that is Mother’s life. Not Nanaki’s.

“I am Nanaki. I’m fine with just that, Envy.”

The only important fact, is that I am Mother’s daughter.
Fake or made, it doesn’t matter what my or Mother’s roots are. I have not heard that it was misfortune. I have not decided that it was misfortune. Just that I am living as Mother’s daughter, nothing else matters.

After all, Mother told me to live.

“That’s strange. When I found out about the truth, it was quite a shock though.”
“After all, knowing that does not change how I live. I know how I live. So I don’t particularly have any thoughts after hearing that. And I’m getting sleepy.”
“……onee-chan would like to see some normal part of her little sister.”
“Good night.”

There’s no point listening.
After all, Nanaki is a special existence. Normal does not apply for me. Yes, doesn’t being made mean I am special. Then there is no problem.

Nanaki is fine either way.
Real or fake, my way of living does not change.

After all, I just kill all enemi——

“Yes yes, come a little closer.”

the end

Author’s note: box 240 (240箱)


Hecate doesn’t understand what 240箱 is.
Also interesting sneeze. Can’t kill the cold.



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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

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  3. Hee… Quite a lot of revelation in this seemingly casual chatter chapter.

    PS: Nanaki doesn’t eat humans… But she is a rabbit… And she admitted to eating rabbits… Does that mean she’s a cannibal anyway? :’D


  4. It took me 132 chapters to realize that those randoms comments in between paragraphs were stuff added by Hecate and not Friend’s comments on whatever was going on.


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