Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.137: Humanity


What is the best for people? Nanaki does not know.
The answer will not come walking to me, nor do I feel like looking for it. I will just keep my promise. Mother told Nanaki to live. Master told me to kill god. To me, to Nanaki, there two are the important things.

So I designate all that stand in my way as enemies.
There is no need to ask why it has come to this. Those that aim for my life are undoubtedly my enemy. And the gods that rampage through the world are now my enemy. Which means I will definitely kill those. That is an absolute since young. A constant role. For me to be me, for Nanaki to survive, I will kill enemies.

Meaning these humanoids flying around in front of Nanaki are enemies.


The instant the humanoid muttered, silver lightning struck.
The lightning that spread with me as the center shattered the world as it lunged towards all my enemies. Looking at the humanoids moving away immediately, I sighed. The speed those dramatic wings can achieve cannot exceed my lightning. It is much too slow to escape.

“Deploy, barri——”

The few individuals that understood that shattered together with their barriers, then evaporated.
Too slow to run, too brittle to endure.

The silver that spread through the sky branched repeatedly towards enemies, like a lightning tree. A shining lightning Yggdrasil. Once Nanaki puts a couple more of you to sleep, the holy night should come, so how about a Christmas tree. Nanaki is kind so no need to pay. Come, it is a present from the world’s cutest Santa Claus.

“Merry Christmas!”

And die.

“Is it not boring? This regulated world.”

Nanaki answered the mutter of the individual soaring high in the sky, chased by lightning.
That thing that looks like a human, expressionless as usual, indifferently stated.

“Why do you not understand that that has destroyed the world.”
“Like I would understand that kind of thing.”

There is no way Nanaki can know about something that happened before Nanaki’s birth. Even if Nanaki knew, why would Nanaki care? Nanaki does not have a speck of interest in how this world came about.

“As expected, you must not exist in this world.”

The humanoid declared.
At the same time, a humongous shadow appeared in the lightning tree.

“——Rou=Fenrir, devour that bug.”

A tremendous roar that hurt the ears and shook the earth.
The god that charged through Nanaki’s silver lightning without care was simply humongous. Probably the great god that destroyed this Alteno. It’s strength is not clear, but seeing how my lightning has no effect, it should be quite powerful.

Which means it is a worthy opponent, but.

“Unfortunately, I will not be your opponent.”

Appearing in front of the approaching great god, black.
Stopping that giant charging body with an arm and throwing it back with black lightning is the Lightning of Legend that survived the great war of the past. The one and only Ilveng=Nazgul, the oldest god-killer and this Nanaki’s best friend.

Now then Friend, this is the battlefield you wished for. Rampage as much as you want.
Lightning of Legend hailed as the god-killer, let’s prove that power to these haughty gods. You were once treated as inferior to the Three Great Gods, but now we are the Lightning of Legend. The legend that shall be recited in the future is not just of your god killing, but of our god killing.

The day I met you, loneliness ended.
For you, and for me.

“Let’s go, Nazgul!”

Friend roared.
The lightning running through the world was silver and black. Both lightning shattered everything as the world shook.
Yes, this is the Lightning of Legend.
To fight me means you are fighting us. To fight Friend means you are fighting us.

“Ilveng=Nazgul……a relic of ancient times that has forgotten it’s own purpose for existence joins forces with the Human Deus. A flawed weapon packed with destruction cannot feel friendship. You really are an irregular. You must not exist.”
“Do not treat my friend the same as you all, who lack hearts.”

Burn through that head with lightning.
At the same time, Friend bit at the great god he had thrown. Violent lightning erased the surroundings while thunder roared continuously. But from the difference in size, it seems it would not be killed so easily, the great god showed resistance. The gods fought as they rolled around, it makes Nanaki yawn a little.

He would probably get mad later if Nanaki interfered.
Despite the way he normally is, Friend does care about appearances. If Nanaki were to hurt his pride he won’t talk to Nanaki for a while. So Nanaki will clean up over here.

“Heeh, you did not die to that.”
“We said it. We will deal with you.”

Turning back, there was a humanoid.
Now then, Nanaki is sure Nanaki killed all of them, but what kind of trick is this. Looking around, the sky that should have been swept clean is once again buzzing with humanoids.

“I see, it seems the same method I used to kill the Three Great Gods would be better.”
“The spear of destruction that defeated Almagia-Eldan. That would certainly destroy us.”

The humanoid continued speaking.

“Your spear can only erase one among us. Let’s see, how long would you need to destroy all? Eltel’s disposal will be finished soon. Your end will come soon, Human Deus.”

There was no emotion in the words of the humanoid as it once again declared indifferently.
That’s why these haughty gods don’t understand.
The emotions that people bear towards the gods.

“My spear is the wish of humanity itself. The linchpin of the people wishing for the revival of humanity, the rebirth of the world. There is no way for you gods to know the depth of humanity’s anger, so deep it is repulsive. If you believe that so much hatred cannot reach mere hundreds of flies, then you are mistaken.”

Raise a hand towards the sky and create the spear of prayer.
The silver lightning represents humanity’s hatred and hope across a thousand years. The key to the world without gods that everyone dreamed of, to paradise. The power of the lightning that can shatter the world compressed endlessly into a spear of destruction, released the instant the spear hits.

One of those. Two. And——

“I can make as much of this as I want.”

Once again the sky is buried.

Judging by the amount of mana spent on one spear, it is certainly foolish to mass produce these. Normally a few dozen would be the limit even for this Nanaki. After all, the mana required for one far exceeds the mana of the other Five Emperors. This spear that has enough power to kill god can easily cause magic necrosis even to the Five Emperors.

But that is normally.
For the special me, that does not apply.

After all, in this condition,  I have no limits.


In front of death that buries the sky, the humanoid muttered that.
Not in fear, not giving up, just ridiculing me.

“Laughable? Me?”

Terribly unpleasant.
That thing that would disappear once this hand is swung down, that thing that has no pride, why would it sneer at this Nanaki? It was so irritating, Nanaki unintentionally clicked Nanaki’s tongue. That thing before Nanaki has no life. It will not die, just disappear. How can I forgive someone like that ridiculing me who has lived until now? No, they cannot be forgiven.

“Revival of humanity? Rebirth of the world? Truly pitiful, Human Deus.”

I’ll kill you.
At the very instant my killing intent reached its peak.

The humanoid said that.

“——there are no longer any humans anywhere in this world.”

the end

Hecate typoed: Human Deus—>Human Desu.

Yes, Nanaki is human(?) desu.

……..also will be getting the next 2 chaps done soon(today)…….can’t stop on this note…….


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