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A place for me to lie down and cry translate and post when I have nothing better to do. Currently translating Lightning Empress Maid. I know the grammar is off from an English perspective but that’s intentional(?) because I have no intention of englishcising(???) the web novel, I just want to share it by making it readable for more people, so I actually want to try to keep how it sounds like in Japanese. One thing I love about the difference between English and Japanese books is how different the ‘flow of words’ is after all~

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  • Me (Second because who I am doesn’t really matter~):

Just a student who was considering translating to practice Japanese and finally decided to do it when I felt the extreme urge to share “I became the beheaded corpse of the executed villainess”. Translates using own knowledge of Japanese and occasional aid from rikai-kun/google-sensei for hard words. I don’t think there is much else….? Oh and patchy is great ( if it’s not obv enough).


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For now the only way (I’m willing to use here) to contact me directly would be hecatehonryuu@gmail.com

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Original About Me This site

This site is just for me to dump the translation of “I became the beheaded corpse of the executed villainess” and just my little corner on the internet. I know it’s bad but its just to try translating to make use of this Japanese that I learnt. May pick up another (longer) series if I have time and seem like I can keep it up, hopefully I can improve that way.