I, the demon lord.—For some reason am being doted on by the hero.

by: ぷにちゃん

(The author writes a lot of cute stuff ~, sadly only Miniature Garden Chemister is also being translated)

(Update: The villainess is being doted on by the crown prince of the neighboring country is also being translated~ at least that’s how I would put the title in eng~)

let’s see if i can fix that


A slightly perverted Hero that loves the demon lord so much he can’t help it and an insensitive demon lord who cannot understand why she is being doted on.

A story of the two filled with (the hero’s) love.

Hecate’s TLDR:

Wth do you mean Too Long Didn’t Read, it’s so short, go and read it


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Main Story

Prologue: The Hero Dotes on the Demon Lord

1. Meeting of the Demon Lord and the Hero

2. Demon Lord brought home

3. New Life

4. The Royal Decree

5. Goblin Came to Visit

6. Half-Naked Hero

7. Birth of a New Hero

8. Cecilia and Sweet Sweets

9. Boardgame

10. Reciprocated Love (Misunderstanding)

Epilogue: Oliver

theres more : D

Short Stories

Not spoiling these with chapter titles 😛

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