Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.119: Candidate

Successor “Wha…………!?” bad choice in opponent Invisible blades of mana. Those were probably her deciding attack, the instant they were all erased by lightning, the composed smile disappeared from her face. lightning hint hint Seeing her hundred and seven blade dissipate with a flash of lightning, the imperial servant onee-san stopped her attack and leaped…… Continue reading L.E.M. C.119: Candidate


HeroxMaou Epilogue: Stockholm Syndrome

Epilogue Tonk. Leaning her head against the window, Cecilia looked outside. Rain was pouring heavily and somehow seemed to be amplifying the strange feeling in her heart. i mistyped floominess….sounds interesting From the window, she could see Oliver doing his morning training despite the rain. He does not slack off on his training regardless if…… Continue reading HeroxMaou Epilogue: Stockholm Syndrome


HeroxMaou C.22: ……so jealous

Reciprocated Love (Misunderstanding): Second Half What did she say!?——was the thoughts of Goblin who was peeking from the shadows. He has been secretly watching since Cecilia jumped out there. Resultingly Goblin has misunderstood that Cecilia likes the hero. even goblin! “It really was reciprocated……” t isn’t! Goblin’s small voice leaked out. There should been quite…… Continue reading HeroxMaou C.22: ……so jealous