HeroxMaou C.7: He Understands

Birth of a New Hero Oliver’s mornings start early. After dressing himself, he trains in the garden. After finishing that, he takes a shower and makes breakfast for Cecilia. im back~ That is the daily routine, but today’s morning was slightly different. Cecilia’s turn “Cecily?” “…….It’s, Cecilia.” ohayo~ When Oliver returned to the mansion after…… Continue reading HeroxMaou C.7: He Understands

Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.112: Resolve to Die

A Lovely Maid Monster “It can’t be……that light, is it…….” “——Li, Lightning Empress Nanaki……!?” “Why is she in the capital!? Wasn’t she chased out of the capital!?” “That’s right!” “That just annihilated the whole sky! The Sky Empress’ magic is coming!” “W, we should retreat! Even if we have gods with us, we can’t react…… Continue reading L.E.M. C.112: Resolve to Die

Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.110: Fakes

Five Emperors Assembly “Excuse me for interrupting. Master, Meia-sama.” time In any case, I first returned to master’s side. Once I clad myself in lightning and sprint, returning doesn’t even take a second. I would prefer not to interrupt master’s punishment, correction, their sibling skinship, but it is an emergency situation so please forgive me.…… Continue reading L.E.M. C.110: Fakes