Lightning Empress Maid

L.E.M. C.22: Great Wall of Nanaki

Master Maid will Leave Coolly~Ze~

“My win, Meia.”

“Gu…………I admit defeat……”


Cessation of hostilities.

peace has arrived

There is nobody who wouldn’t lose their fighting spirit after seeing Friend’s summoned lightning, or rather lightning smile.

A dreadful smile

Nanaki has learnt that people are enlightened about the futility of fighting when faced with a god’s smile. It has nothing to do with big or small. Human sisters, Nanaki’s weak point should be abandoned. Nanaki recommends to Nanaki that we should promptly take post-war measures for now. Roger, commence.

peace measures

First switch Nanaki’s work clothes in Nanaki’s personal room. Do not forget to wipe down Nanaki’s body while doing that. After finishing that, prepare three bath towels at top speed. Inspection, fluffiness confirmed, no stains. Approved for use. Even if the rain clouds were blown away by a smile, it was raining until just now, it would be bad if they caught a cold.

caring maid nanaki

“I have brought towels.”

use them well~

This took approximately two seconds. Lightning Nanaki.

…way too fast

Nanaki quickly distributed the towels in the order of my master, Meia-sama and then Fio-san. Nanaki had thought of drawing hot water in the large bath, but Nanakisonar picked up something. Although it is weak, electricity flows through people. Nanakisonar is sensitive and can capture that. For example, this belongs to head butler Ridolf.

ping ping~

He probably began preparations at the same time the duel began. As expected of the head butler, his title is not just for show. Then Nanaki shall prepare warm tea. Nanaki is a special human, even if the opponent is the head butler, Nanaki must not fall behind. Watashi wa(I am) Master Maid.

(T/N: She said that part in english, so I’m putting it in japanese :P)

“Then you have no objections to Nanaki’s continued employment? Meia.”

“Stop asking the obvious. I lost the duel.”

duels are best decision makers

Meia-sama slung the towel over her shoulder and returned to the estate in a bad mood. Well then, this is troubling. Nanaki wants to get along well with Meia-sama. But if Nanaki speaks to her in this situation, it seems like it would have the reverse effect. Friend, could you lend Nanaki your wisdom?

wisdom of the gods

What? No interest in humans? You keep saying that. Even though you get along well with Nanaki, why are other humans no good. Even thought we were establishing peace together just now, you should fix your moodiness.

….not helpful



I’m Nanaki.

and Ilveng

“It’s alright. And good job.”

“Thank you.”

manners are tough

Master smiled gently as he followed after Meia-sama. Could it be that Nanaki had on a troubled expression? Or maybe master is sharp? In any case, master has said to leave it to him, if he says that, Nanaki just needs to believe. A bow to that back.


Aren’t siblings really beautiful things, Friend?

Nanaki is a single child though…?



Could it be.


When Nanaki looked after bowing to master’s back, Fio-san had called out to Nanaki. The drawbridge of friendship is descending. Could this be the divine protection of master? What a blessing. Maybe the smile strategy earlier also had some effect. In the end, Nanaki had not made an attack.

defense is best offense

Nanakismile of complete victory. Everyone around the world, it’s Nanaki.

I’m running out of responses to that one phrase….already!?

“Nice to meet you, my name is Nanaki.”

hecate here~

Nanaki had met her once that day on the roof, but we haven’t yet greeted each other formally. First impressions are important. No, in this case it is second impressions. In that case Nanaki should respond with a smile here. Nanaki would like to get along.

friend request sent

“I,I am Fi, Fio Laygen. Err……is Nanaki-sama……”

awaiting response

Sama add-on. With this, she is probably certain. Please, ask away. Nanaki has prepared to answer that. If necessary Nanaki shall explain everything. And then to remain at master’s side, Nanaki prepared to accept any words you throw at Nanaki.

reply received

“………….actually nevermind!”


Fio-san ran to the estate with amazing speed.


Only Nanaki’s smile was left.



For now Nanaki accomplished Nanaki’s initial objective and brought the warm tea. Of course it is of a suitable temperature. Head butler Ridolf has recently admitted Nanaki’s growth and has entrusted the preparation of the tea to Nanaki more. Now if Nanaki could get cooking to be entrusted to Nanaki, Nanaki would be able to be promoted to Legend Maid.


“How irritating! If you have something to say hurry up and say it!”

“How about entering the bath before you catch a cold.”

“Thanks for your concern. If that’s all you had to say, would you get out?”




Nanaki immediately shut the opened door before Nanaki was noticed. And then to be able to choose a good time to enter, Nanaki opened it again a little. Nanaki would probably only be a hindrance to master if Nanaki was there. Nanaki must ascertain the timing to break in cautiously. Silent Nanaki.

stealthy nanaki

The result of the duel might have caused a slight fraying of the bond between siblings. From Meia-sama’ point of view, it was probably a duel she was never supposed to lose.

Meia is a genius after all

Even if duels are special among nobles, she might not be able to control her emotions. In order to regain control, she probably requires a little more time. Nanaki thinks that the mortifying feeling after losing is natural. Nobody can be perfect.

everybody loses at some point

Even this Nanaki is working hard to be perfect. But as expected there are things that cannot be achieved. Friend, as a god do you think that you are a perfect existence? If that is so, what did you do to be able to call yourself perfect? Nanaki wants you to teach Nanaki too.

grant nanaki enlightenment

Friend gave Nanaki a thumbsup with a smile. I don’t really get it.

(T/N: random fact~ the kanji for perfect also spells out “absolute wall”~ totally unrelated)

“As expected you really can’t accept it.”

“It doesn’t matter if I accept it. I lost the duel.”

“It’s fine to say your true thoughts.”


don’t hold it in.

There was the sound of sobbing.

…ok wasnt expecting that.

“I didn’t say anything wrong……I wasn’t wrong!! Even though I was right!! Why did I lose……”

“Meia is right. A noble should be like that.”

“Then why!? Even though I was right, why……!!”


That is, because you are weak.

….no nanaki shush

That day Silver told Nanaki. This heart is tainted. Even though the weak conceding should be the inevitable result of paths that cannot be yielded colliding. Then what do you want Nanaki to do. Is it fine for the strong to abandon their pride and give way? Then the weak can advance. But what will become of the strong.


Isn’t it because it is a path that cannot be walked together that they fight? At any rate, the one with power has the advantage. Be it talent or effort, each person bears it in various forms. They compete and the superior one is decided. Is that not human history?

…it’s a …unique view

Nanaki is probably deviated.


“It is probably because I am wrong.”

who said right always wins?

Yes. And so in master.

birds of a feather flock together

“Sorry for being a bad brother.”


oniisama charm activated

Meia-sama is crying in master’s chest. Master’s hand is gently petting the head of his younger sister who won’t stop crying. Ah, this is a family. Jealous.

Nanaki has a new one~

“Father and mother passed away……so I worked hard……————“

this is not for nanaki’s eas

Nanaki shut the door.


This is not something that is okay for Nanaki to eavesdrop on. Nanaki has not seen the parents of master at the Alfred house even once. Nanaki has already made a rough prediction. However, that truth must be heard from my master’s mouth. Beautiful sibling love is unnecessary for Nanaki.

Nanaki is strong.

It’s not like Nanaki is feeling lonely, Friend. Nanaki feel jealous though.

Nanaki is still human.

Nanaki must not intrude on those two right now. Fortunately Nanaki has a reason for leaving this place. See, the black tea has completely gone cold. Nanaki cannot serve this to my master and his younger sister. How is it Friend. Isn’t Nanaki quite cool?

cool nanaki

Friend intentionally used lightning to spell out a word.

do I have to spell it out for you

The obvious word was spelt out. Coo…………Wall?

Kabe. Wall.

(T/N: similar to above with watashi wa Master Maid)

Fufufu, did you hear that Friend? That sound just now.

nanaki ignored it

What? You didn’t? What sound?


The gong.

the end

If it rains tomorrow, Hecate is staying under shelter in case of divine retribution lightning.




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